September 3, 2009

First Day of School

Today is the girls' first day of school at Merton House. I think they are the cutest things I've ever seen in their uniforms!

The headmaster greeted us as we walked up to the building and still remembered the girls' names from the one meeting we had when we first got here, so that was me anyway.

The students here didn't finish school until the first week in July so Peanut and Princess have been on vacation a lot longer than most kids. They were so ready to start!

Both of their teachers seemed really nice, but I was a little sad that we didn't have Meet the Teacher night like we do in the states. I look forward to getting to know them better.

Princess was a little hesitent at first and wouldn't let go of me, which of course made me choke up and want to stay with her all day long. But her teacher asked to help her with a project and she decided that maybe it would be okay. I think deep down she was excited to be with her teacher and new potential friends.

Peanut was off doing work in her classroom before I even knew what was happening and I had to go find her just to take this picture. She has always loved school and I'm so glad she's back.

After school the girls told me about all the fun stuff they did. Princess is reading books like crazy (which she had NO interest in doing before) and Peanut is already calling someone her BFF and was really bummed that today is Saturday and she didn't get to go to school.

Here's a picture of day 2, which they loved just as much as the first day =)

Merton House Prayer

Thank you for the yellow sun, the blue sky and the green grass.
For the fun we have with our friends and our family.
For our health so we can play and for our brains so we can work.

Help us to aim high and succeed where we can without being selfish.
Help us to be kind and caring and to help others when they need it.

Thank you for all the people and love in Merton House.